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The Cheapest Way to Change Your Plane Ticket

I discovered the cheapest way to change a flight recently.  I was trying to change the time for a $350 ticket by a few hours and the cost came out to $1,300 to change the ticket.  I complained enough that the airline representative mentioned the “Confirmed Flight Change”.  The confirmed flight change for that flight would only cost $75 instead of $1,300!

The way a confirmed flight change works is that you change your ticket within 12 hours of the new flight that you want to take.  So in this case, I wanted to get on a 4:15pm flight- I had to call after 4:15am that day and the price to change to that flight would magically drop to $75.  The risk is that the flight fills up before you get within 12 hours of take-off.  However, you can ask the airline representative how many seats are still available and monitor this.  In addition, I just wanted to change to a flight earlier that day, so I just needed there to be room on some other flight earlier in the day.


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