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Get More Customers by Design

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Everyone wants more customers.  Paying customers preferably.  A lot is written about SEO (search engine optimization) and advertising strategies to drive more traffic to your website, but how can you simply improve your website layout to get more customers.  Traffic is good, but a customer is twice as nice.  Keep these 5 things in mind while you are designing your website – they have all been shown to increase customer yields by >100%.

#1  Make the “Sign Up” Button Really Big

Seriously.  I mean it.  From looking at a lot of test results, making the Sign Up button big, front and center, in your face, is the #1 thing you can do in your web design to help your business. is a great example of this.  Dropbox is a really complicated, feature rich service.  Let’s be honest.  Dropbox is way more sophisticated technically and visually than whatever you are working on. They are able to keep it simple; you can too.

#2  Use A/B Testing

I just mentioned “testing”.  That means A/B testing – where you present your customers with different versions of the same website and see which ones get better results.  This is critical for tweaking the site’s design in your favor…as opposed to guessing what your customer might want.  A great service for this is Google Website Optimizer

#3  Add Testimonials

Testimonials often boost sign ups by at least 50%.  I don’t know why; they are kind of cheesy in my opinion.  But they work, so don’t fight it.  Try it.  But what’s better than a testimonial from a random person?  A testimonial from a friend.  So don’t forget to push your customers to invite their friends during the sign up process.

#4  Focus Text and Graphics on Customer Action

Use the text and graphics to tell the customer about what they are supposed to do.  The customer should “Go…”, “Get…”, “Create…”, “Discover…” whatever benefit your website is offering.  Engage the customer on the benefits of the product and the wonderful things it will allow the customer to do.  That is just good marketing.  What would you do instead?  What everyone does – tell the customer about how great the product is, the specifications, the functionalities and everything else that has no direct benefit to the customer.

#5 Include Faces When Appropriate

Studies show that the way people use the internet is that they scan their eyes to see the pictures on the screen.  That is where they focus.  Pictures of people and of people’s faces catch our attention in particular.  Seeing faces on a screen release powerful neurotransmitters that make customers suggestible.  So use pictures of people’s face, whenever you can.  The A/B test show it is that easy.  And if that isn’t convincing, well, it worked for Facebook.

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