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How to Set up the P90X Pull-Up Bar

P90X worked for some of my friends so I thought I would give it a try.  So far so good.  Except for the pull-up bar that is recommended with the program.  There are a bunch of complaints online about how to set it up and it isn’t easy.  The most important tidbit I’d like to share from my experience is that the pull-up bar doesn’t work in most door frames.

What do I mean by this?  If the frame around your door is more than 3.5′ wide, then you can’t use the bar at all.  So if you live on the East Coast or in a not new home or in a luxury home, you probably can’t install the bar – so measure the door frame before you order.

The second thing I wish I had known before setting it up is that the part that goes over the door needs to slide over the part that you pull up.  THIS MEANS THAT EVERY SCREW YOU SCREW IN HAS A SPECIFIC ORIENTATION.  The drawings make it seem like you can just screw everything together willy-nilly because they are not very detailed.  So lay it all out first and slide everything together before working with the screws.

The reason getting the set up right is important is that the tools included in the box are inadequate for really putting the bar together.  If you have a strong set of pliers and a flat head screw driver, just use those.

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