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How to Write on a Mirror

The easiest way to write on a mirror is to use a wet erase marker – just mop up with a moist towel when you are done.  DO NOT use a dry erase marker on a mirror.  If you use a dry erase marker on mirrors, acrylic or polycarbonate surfaces, it will leave a “ghost” behind.  Dry erase will come right off with a dry towel, however, when you look at the mirror at an angle, you will still see a faint outline of whatever it is that you wrote on the mirror.  Should this happen, don’t throw away the mirror, just use glass cleaner and it will come off.

Perhaps I jumped to conclusions and you want to write on a mirror permanently.  Then lipstick or other waxy materials will work great to make a mirror, er, not work as a mirror anymore.

Why on earth would you want to write on a mirror?  You might want to leave yourself a reminder that you are awesome for the next time you look in the mirror.  Or, in my case, I am trying to film a video where the audience can see me writing and talking at the same time.  You can do this in two ways:  1) by writing on a mirror or 2) by writing on glass that is clear with the camera in front of you.  For the latter method, unfortunately, you have to write backwards, which I am not that good at.

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