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How Was Avatar Made?

Holy Moly!  I saw Avatar last weekend with my dad and it  completely blew my mind.  Perhaps the plot was pedantic, but watching the embers after an explosion scatter in the movie theater through my 3-D glasses was out of this world.  I am not a sci-fi guy at all and I was enthralled.  So how are all of those visual effects possible?

The 3D effects and Real D glasses are actually not a novelty.  Cameron, the director, used two high-definition digital cameras that created a stereoscopic motion picture (the 3D Fusion Camera system, which they invented, but have used for other films).  Like other films, Avatar uses motion-capture animation technology in order to make the surreal environment real.  In other words, actors acted in front of a green screen and the digital effects were added.  Cameron added an element of realism by inventing a virtual camera that allowed him to view the actors and their digital environment simultaneously…makes the interaction of so many human characters in a virtual world so real.  Or in the words of Cameron…”At the end of the day the audience has no idea which they’re looking at.”

In case you didn’t see it, the trailer is below and does the movie no justice.

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