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My New Caffeine

Ginger Tea isn’t just tea.  It’s the caffeine-free coffee replacement.  The flavor will clear your sinuses and wake you up guaranteed.  I discovered ginger tea tucked away in a Beijing coffee shop pointing randomly at a menu in Chinese characters.  Now I drink about two pots a day.  I am not talking about Celestial Seasonings tea here – this is tea made directly from the ginger root.  After asking around, I have found that ginger tea is surprisingly easy to make.  Give it a try tomorrow morning, the recipe below is easy to follow.  Preparation time is roughly equivalent to making coffee.  There is no need to peel the ginger root, just wash into before using it.  The recipe below is what I use to make one cup.

Take 10 thin slices of ginger root (the thinner the better since it gives it more surface area) boil in two coffee cups of water for 10 minutes (for lighter flavor) or 20 minutes for (intense flavor).  You can add lemon or honey to taste and play around with the amount of ginger you use and the length of boil.  The final concoction should be a very dark brown when poured into a cup – almost the color of coffee.


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