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Eggs. The New Meat.


Out of snacks and out of food in the refrigerator, I ventured out into the Beijing cold today.  The city usually warms up a bit in the afternoon, so I held out until 2pm before hunger drove me out.  Nothing much was amiss in the local supermarket until I came upon eggs in the vegetable aisle.  Curious no doubt, but not nearly as mysterious as the packaging.  The eggs were wrapped as if they were meat – in a Styrofoam tray and in plastic wrap.  I cannot imagine how they are transported without breaking – that would be a sight to see!  As you can see from the picture below, the eggs are sold by the pound, the same way meat is sold in the US – so each dozen eggs has a slightly different price.  That actually makes a lot of sense, but shipping eggs in seranwrap sounds a bit more challenging.  What a business opportunity – there are 1.2 billion Chinese people out there who have yet to see the light of egg cartons!

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